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October 11,2022


October 12,2022

The anchor card Movement comes to the surface today. When cards repeat themselves it truly amazes me and reminds me that they repeat because they have significance right now. We have all been experiencing Movement of some kind as we are in a major, and important, transitional period. The Movement is often subtle and underneath the surface, like our emotions. They are Moving in order to be brought to the surface and healed. Subtle Movement can be dealt with more easily and sometimes even more quickly with less catastrophic reactions. Many are still not acknowledging these subtleties and Spirit strongly asks you to do so. It is always your choice. Yes there may be pain, inconvenience and some shattering revelations however you will be in control and able to navigate your way through. You can wait however these subtle ripples will eventually pool together and create a more powerful ripple, perhaps even a tsunami 🌊, at which point you lose all control and fear takes over leaving behind it a right mess to clean up and losses on a giant scale. I think of the photos of Fort Myers Beach and what it looked like after Hurricane Ian. So find that calm space and deal with the “ripples “ as they come. Acknowledge them, understand them, and speak to others about them if needed. Use your heart and gut instincts to guide you as your mind may be too cluttered right now and if you are feeling any fear then your mind cannot think with clarity. Find peace 🕊 in each day, even for a few minutes. Take time for you each day so you can better know yourself and be better equipped and prepared for the next ripple. If the ripples (Movement) appear to be getting bigger and/or stronger that will be the time to take action. Pay attention to what is happening within you and around you. The energies are quite volatile right now and you may be experiencing them even though you cannot consciously feel them. You cannot see what is hidden beneath the surface however often you can feel the Movement. Pay attention. Don’t be fooled by the glassy surface. Use the glassy surface for self reflection. Pay attention to the signs. There is more change coming as we prepare for the winter. The girl guides had a motto, “Be prepared”. What do you need to do to prepare to make changes to heal and bring you to that calm space?

💜🙏 🍎 🗡 🔮 🌀 🦄

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