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October 15,2022


October 15,2022

Take your rightful place. Take authority over your own life. Stand in your power. You only have authority over yourself and you can only control you. What others do, or say, is not something you have control over, and nor should you. The King ๐Ÿ‘‘ sees a lot as he listens and watches and in his wisdom he knows when and where he needs to intervene. He knows that people need to be themselves and there is always going to be differences of opinion or ideas. He allows this as that is how we learn and grow. As long as it is not physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually harmful to oneโ€™s self of another then he allows others to carry on with their lives. Justice is served with love ๐Ÿ’œ as he knows that love ๐Ÿ’œ is the greatest healer of all. He also knows that this love ๐Ÿ’œ starts with each individual and that often people behave in unusual ways shall we say, because they donโ€™t love themselves enough and therefore this lack of self love is projected onto others and shows up through their behaviour. Forgiveness is the place to start. Be fair and start with yourself first. Forgiveness releases your burdens and sets you free. Then Forgive others. We do the best we can with the tools we have at the time. The King ๐Ÿ‘‘ knows we all make mistakes. The King ๐Ÿ‘‘ wants you to learn and grow and asks that you use the power within to Forgive and move out of the shadows. There is also a feeling of justice being served. Leave this to Spirit โœจ. Once again keep in mind that you can only control you and acting with integrity and being truthful is the best way to walk through life. Act with love and compassion and let Spirit โœจ do the rest. Basically let go of old hurts, patterns and discretions and Forgive yourself and others and move on. Step out of the shadows and feel the warmth of the light and see the beauty that surrounds you. Have faith in yourself and have faith in Spirit โœจ. Know that everything will work out as it is meant to be. Ask yourself โ€œWhat would Spirit do?โ€


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