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October 17,2022


October 17,2022

The energies around us for weeks now have been asking us to let go and release. This letting go and releasing is on all levels and you may have felt various aches, pains, emotions etc as “things” are releasing. You may sometimes know what they are and sometimes not. That’s okay, just allow. As we go forward into new uncharted territory there is no map 🗺. It is wise to not take anymore than you need so that you don’t weigh yourself down unnecessarily. It will be more difficult to navigate some areas if you are carrying a heavy Burden and you will also tire more easily. Set your intention to release that which no longer serves you and allow Spirit ✨to guide you. Feel the lightness within your body as you let go bit by bit. As you do this you will begin to see and feel things differently and with more clearly. Allow Spirit ✨ and your intuition to guide you. This is an act of faith. Let go and leave behind anything, or perhaps anyone, that is stopping you from moving forward. If they are meant to be in your life they will come back. Trust the process. This journey is a journey only you can do. Go within and seek what it is you need and allow the changes to happen. Pay attention as this is not blindly wandering as that will only get you lost. Connect with Spirit and your angels and walk this path daily with them. Be mindful. Stay grounded 🌳.

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