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October 21,2022


October 21,2022

You have come to a gateway. What lies ahead is unclear and uncertain. What do you do now? Now is the time to Partner with Spirit ✨ and listen to your angels 👼 for guidance. You will be guided to step forward in just the right time. When it is time for you to step out things will become clearer. Spirit ✨ is asking you to take some time to gather your eggs 🥚 into the basket 🧺 so to speak. Take time now to write down all the things that you envision for the future. You can even actually do this as a creative project if you so desire. From simple notes on pieces of paper placed in a container to beautiful coloured eggs in a woven basket. Let your creativity and connection with Spirit ✨guide you. This time feels like a exploratory/consultation type phase when you are really getting your thoughts and ideas (both your own and those you receive out of the blue-Spirit ✨/angels 😇) together and aligning them with what your preferences/values are and beginning to see where to start. More clarity will come in the days ahead. Trust. Take this time to gather what you need and feel more solid in your foundation. Remember you have put in a lot of work already 🐝. This is more of a sampling phase 🍯of possibilities, likes and dislikes. It may be wise to explore and try other varieties 🍯 to see how you can incorporate different ideas or methods into your vision. Are there any adjustments that you would like to make to your honey 🍯 🐝 to make it even better. Perhaps you are happy with what you have. That’s okay too. Enjoy this time. There is a few who feel discouraged. Acknowledge that and understand that those feelings are normal however this is a time to rest and gather energy versus giving up. Don’t give up. 🙏💜. Use this time to practice ways that help you stay grounded and connect with your higher self so that when it is time to move you have your feet firmly planted on the ground 🌲 and you are connected with Spirit ✨. This will allow you to step forward calmly and mindfully. Keep in mind that with Spirit✨ anything is possible🙏.


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