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October 26,2022


October 25,2022

Well the powerful energies that we are in at the moment are going to bring forth the Truth. The Truth has a way of making itself known somehow or another. Yes you can hide, deny or refuse to see the Truth however please remember that the Truth is your connection and bridge to understanding yourself and, through this understanding, allowing yourself to heal. This energy surrounding us right now is an energy of healing💚✨. Yes acknowledging the Truth can be painful and emotional however if you allow yourself to go through these emotions so that you can release them then they will not return to trigger you in the same way or with the same intensity. You cannot change the past. Would you not prefer to walk peacefully without being chased by your past? Embrace all aspects of who you are and take time to understand how the past has shaped you and take the positive attributes into the future. It is truly refreshing to discover who you are and what is important to you because that is your Truth. And the Truth does set you free to be who you are. During this time of healing, discovery and rebirth make sure to ground yourself daily so that you can be in the moment and remain calm so that you can think and see clearly. Ask Spirit ✨what you need to know. The Truth is within. It can be scary however please remember that Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 walk with you and Spirit ✨ only gives you what you can handle. Find the Truth within so you can release the past and walk confidently knowing that you walk in peace 🕊, balance ⚖️ and harmony 🎶 with yourself, others and Mother Earth 🌲 . That is the freedom the Truth can bring you. The freedom to be you. Spirit ✨loves you and that is the Truth. 💜🙏✨


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