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October 29,2022


October 29,2022

Your angels 👼 and guides ✨are asking, pleading with you actually, to Let Go of past hurts, transgressions and traumas that have held you back for so long. These may be traumas and events from past lives as well so sometimes emotions arise that you have no idea where they came from. That’s ok. Some traumas as well you may have compartmentalized ( whoa that’s a big word 😁) and perhaps the memory is not there however your mind and body hold on to it. It takes a lot of strength to hold back the flood waters of emotions. It may seem less scary however the process of holding back emotions means they can only turn inward which in turn can cause more problems within you. (I recommend a book by Louise Hay, “Heal Your Body” if you would like to know more), Ask your angels 👼 to help you release whatever you no longer need or whatever is no longer helpful or healthy for you. Ask your angels 👼 to help you release it at a pace that allows you to go with the flow. Your own perfect pace. Sit with your emotions for they are you. By truly seeing them and knowing where they have come from and how they have contributed to your life it can help you to see that things have changed, you have changed. If you hold emotions back they have a tendency to return at a most inconvenient time. Learning from them by allowing gives you a better understanding of who you are. Understanding yourself better is a great release in itself. By seeing the truth you set yourself free. Free to flow and allow Spirit ✨ to take you where you need to go. Do this for you not anyone else. Once you are in the flow you may find that life in general flows easier. Will you decide to Let Go to allow healing to take place?


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