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October 30,2022


October 30,2022 The energies are mixed this week. The Wasp is the anchor card this week so be aware it could be a tumultuous week. Emotions may arise, you may be more irritable, you might find yourself less patient You may be feeling this and, of course, you are not alone. Others are feeling this too so there may be some real tensions in the air. This is all part of the process of Letting Go. You will deal with a myriad of emotions and it may be difficult at times which can leave you a little edgy and reactive. This week don’t take the bait. Anger will not solve anything in fact it only makes it worse. Be careful with your words as they can sting. Stay grounded and in the moment. Mindful action is needed now. If something comes up from the past know it’s from the past, affirm to yourself that it no longer has any hold or influence on you and see it disappear. Face forward as this is a time of new beginnings and the time to take your first steps is soon. You cannot step forward if you are carrying the baggage 🧳 of the past. Well you can however it will be quite the extra effort. Know that you can drop these bags 💼 and leave them behind whenever you so choose. During this transitional time make sure to take time for yourself. Take care of yourself. Stay connected with yourself and Spirit ✨. Stay in that calm space and send love💜. Even if you are feeling angry, upset, anxious, fearful it will be helpful to go within and feel the love that Spirit ✨ and your angels 👼 have for you. Love 💜 heals all. Your emotions are real. You are responsible for how you respond. Respond from love💜. If you are feeling negative emotions, either within you or around you, surround yourself with the love 💜 and light ✨ of Spirit ✨ to keep you calm and balanced. The bottom line here is that lashing out is not going to be helpful at all. Walk away. It might be a good week to take a break and stay home 🤗 if you find yourself highly emotional and volatile or if others around you are. Send love. Be love. “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I AM.”


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