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October 5,2022


October 5,2022

How you see things is how you determine the Risk. Our Perception of things weighs in heavily on how we determine our Risk to benefit ratio. There are many factors tfat contribute to how we see things. Our upbringing, life experiences, personality and spiritual beliefs. This is not a complete list as Perception is complex. It is okay to focus on where you are going and taking the path of least resistance however this may mean that you are not seeing all that is around you. You may become so laser focused that you may not see other possibilities or adjustments that would enhance your experience. When you become too rigid in your thinking then you shut off your senses to other input. Sometimes this is needed to quiet distractions so you can focus on what is truly important in the moment however this is best as a temporary method. Yes it is important to stay on your path however take in all the beauty and information around you that comes through all your senses so you can be aware. If you lock 🔒 out other information you may find that you are more easily taken by surprise and then get startled 😱 which begins the cascade of fear and in turn it shuts down your critical thinking. This is a time to be clear on the Risks however making sure that your Perception of the situation is not stopping you from moving forward or enjoying life for that matter. There are always Risks as we journey through life however how you see them is what is important. Enjoy your walk and be mindful of all that is around you and remember you never walk alone. When you feel you are alone and feel fearful or need guidance connect with your angels 👼 and Spirit ✨ as they are always with you. Seek counselling from a friend or a professional if needed to get a different Perception. Healing and life is a journey. Being open to change, staying grounded, seeing what is around you and discerning what is truth and what is the Risk is part of the journey. It is part of wisdom and learning. Use your intuitive skills to help you see. Face your fears and shine your light ✨into the darkness. You may be amazed at what the light ✨ reveals. Walk with confidence and use your sixth sense to guide you.


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