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October 6 & 7,2022


October 6,2022

NOTICE: Today I have drawn cards for today and tomorrow as tomorrow, myself and a few others, are unplugging from social media for one day. Feel free to join us if you are so inclined and leave a comment if you do.

The cards for the next couple of days once again brings back a recurring theme of cleaning out anything that you no longer need, on any level, so that you can know and understand yourself better and m, through these actions and wisdom, you can heal old wounds. This is a time to take a Risk (yesterday’s reading) and step out of your comfort zone to find the Truth (anchor card for the week) of who you are and how you can make a difference in yourself and help others along the way (knowingly or unknowingly). The Frog 🐸 can see all around him and knows when things change in his world and knows what needs to be done. When The Frog 🐸 feels that where he is no longer serves him he takes a leap. The innate wisdom and knowledge within is never questioned. Perhaps we could learn a lesson to use our inner knowledge and wisdom to guide us and to help us shed our skin 🐍 so we can heal and come into balance with our Truth. Pay attention to what comes up for you the next couple of days, months actually. What themes, thoughts, beliefs, and even people come up for you? Love and compassion for yourself will be required during these changes. When you are out of your comfort zone you feel vulnerable. You may have to take some time to be comfortable again. Take time for you. Change is inevitable as life is always changing. The earth is always changing. Embrace the changes as they will lead to better things ahead. Trust the process. Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic 🔮✨🙏.


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