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Patchwork Heart Project

Many have found themselves in stressful and perhaps traumatic situations over the past few years. For some, myself included, it shattered my heart ♥️ and I had no idea how I was going to put the pieces back together again. In meditation one morning I asked the question “How do I put my heart ♥️ back together again?” The Patchwork Heart is what was brought forth. It takes you into a deep dive to know who you are, what your values are, what beliefs you carry and , I think most importantly, the why’s.

This is a personal project. You can work by yourself or with others if you feel comfortable doing so. There may be times when emotions arise so allow yourself to acknowledge them and explore them. In the end you will know more about who you truly are and how you can begin to put the pieces of your heart ♥️ back together again. You may not look the same however you will be creating something beautiful…the authentic you 🌟💜. I am sharing this as it really helped me to identify some areas of my life that I needed to explore deeply and understand so that I could find the peace 🕊 within. It is my desire to help you find your inner peace 🕊as well. 💜🦄

I am offering it for $22. This includes the instructions and some samples for you to get started with. You can always create your own 😁. If you need additional guidance or assistance through the process I am available to help as needed. Additional guidance I offer for $22. If you need help to get started this is included in the package price.

There are several ways to contact me. Private message, email: or, or by phone ( the number is in the business card below). Of course if I know you personally please feel free to text or call me 😁.

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