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September 1,2022


September 1,2022

Spirit seems to have a lot to say as we begin a new month and more energy shifts. Three cards “fell” out today. This time of Birth-Rebirth can be very distracting and can change quickly. It can uncover what lies beneath so please keep that in mind. As we are entering into a time when many planets will be in retrograde we may find ourselves revisiting areas we thought were done. The issues that arise will return for you to acknowledge them, understand them and allow them to fall away in order to leave room for new growth. Focus on you and where you are going. It can be easy to forget what is important when so much is coming to you. You may feel lost however you are not. You are where you are meant to be. You are never alone. Keep Focused on your path. Know that there is magic 🔮in the air so allow the magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ to surround you. Where there is magic 🔮 there are miracles ✨. Believe in the magic 🔮. Watch how Spirit ✨ can change things before your very eyes. Spirit ✨ will keep things in balance ⚖️ just like nature. Spirit knows what is needed and can turn turn lead into gold. Remember your light ✨within and use that to guide you. Follow your heart ♥️. Know that all is well and in order to make room for the new there needs to be changes and losses. These things are difficult so allow yourself time and space to grieve. Grief can show us many things if we allow ourself to embrace it and understand it. Many are changing and as we change we are uncertain of who we are. We are children of God✨. Focus on that. All is well. Focus on that. You may not understand the magic 🔮 as so much of what you see is part of the illusion however soon the illusion will be revealed and you will be amazed. Just like being in the dark-when the light ✨ is turned on the darkness magically disappears. Turn on your light. ✨ your light ✨ is magic 🔮


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