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September 11,2022


September 11,2022

This week you will begin to notice subtle differences as the energies begin to shift. The Swan 🦢 is our anchor card for the week and wants us to know that transformation and change is inevitable and it begins now. Resistance is futile as you are transforming into who you truly are, who we truly are. This transformation includes the world as well. The transformation is one of beauty to behold. This transformation may take you by surprise as it will be rapid at times and each day you may notice that yet something else has changed. Know that all that occurs is by Divine design. Use your inner knowing, that Divine wisdom, to help guide you. There is no turning back so allow the changes to take place. Spirit ✨ is creating something beautiful and it is important to keep this in mind. Stay positive and celebrate the little things each day. At times during the transformation it may seem like random areas are changing and it may look a bit odd. You may feel a bit odd. Know that this is a complicated process and there may be times that you look a little mismatched and you may question the process. Trust and have faith in Spirit ✨, and yourself, that everything is working out as it is meant to be. You may notice other Swans 🦢 look different than you and that may get you questioning the process even more. Please remember that transformation is unique and different for everyone. The bottom line is that we will all transform and through this transformation we will see things differently as we no longer are in the past, we are now moving to the future and are growing up so to speak. Growing pains are real. Acknowledge and work through them. Spirit ✨ is with you always. Look forward to who you are becoming and gently glide into your true and beautiful self.


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