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September 12,2022


September 12,2022

As we climb the hill we go through many stages. These stages take us back to areas we need to look at and reveal things we did not see before or perhaps were not ready to see. The next few weeks, months actually, there will be a lot of occurrences shall we say that will help us to see things that were previously hidden or see things from a different perspective. Please understand that this is a necessary part of the journey. You will need to discern what is truth for you and take charge of your actions. Your connection to Spirit will be your guidance. As you take back your power it is important to keep your heart ♥️ open. This may be uncomfortable at times as the process of Letting Go has a lot of emotions attached to it . Connecting with Heaven 😇 and earth 🌲 to keep you grounded and calm will be most helpful especially when things may feel topsy turvy or you feel you cannot go any further. Allow Spirit ✨ to comfort you and bring you peace 🕊. Please remember how far you have come. Life is a never ending journey and from where you are now you can begin to see the bigger picture. Spirit ✨will lead you. Call out if you need help and also remember to call out with gratitude for the help. It may be confusing at times and the changes coming may feel of dizzying proportions. Know you are safe. Allow time and space for these emotions to help you see and understand so that they can move on and so can you. Honour yourself for the courage to stand in your power and take charge🦌. Allow Spirit ✨and the angelic 😇 realms to assist you through the tough parts. Hear in your heart ♥️, feel in your heart ♥️ and let your intuition guide you. Spirit is with you always. It is safe to Let Go. Let Go and let God✨.


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