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September 15,2022


September 15,2022

Adding to the mix this week is The Wasp. 🤪 With so many changes, uncertainties and intense energies there can be a lot of tension. Many of you are feeling the stress and pressures of inflation and other global situations. All this plus the fact that Mercury is retrograde which is causing some communication glitches on various levels plus bringing up old wounds/triggers for us to transform and transmute in order to let them go. We may be feeling a little angry these days. Anger can fuel the fire 🔥 to either act out and behave badly or help you to stand in your power and to stand up for what is truth and what is your truth. Anger can also hide deeper emotions and trauma in order to protect yourself. Whatever it is for you The Wasp wants you to know that stinging others is not the answer as it only provokes more anger and reaction. If you are feeling angry perhaps take some time alone and find your centre and ground yourself. Anger and retaliation only serve to fan the flames 🔥 and create more destruction. Now more then ever connect with your centre, the light ✨within, and be mindful. Find the peace 🕊 and calmness within. Send love 💜and act with love💜. That can be difficult if you are not used to it. Sending love 💜 to a situation or people you are angry with seems counter intuitive to our ego however it is what calms, heals and diffuses anything. Love💜 is the power. Love 💜is the light ✨and light ✨dispels the darkness. Transmute negative emotions and situations with love 💜and light ✨so that we can build a community that works together and supports each other. You may not connect or agree with everyone in the community however you can come from the heart ♥️ knowing that each and everyone is needed to contribute to the whole. Accept yourself and your emotions for what they are however, let the light ✨and love 💜 within define who you are and who you want to be.

Namaste 🙏 ✨💜


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