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September 17,2022


September 17,2022

The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️ makes an encore visit. We are being asked to listen to our hearts ♥️ and follow our ♥️ . Our heart ♥️ knows the truth. It is difficult in these times to discern all that comes to you as the energies and information coming forth are like a raging forest fire 🌲 🔥. Witnessing this fire rage and destroying the beauty that you once knew, animals and people in fear and losing their homes and families can be traumatizing to the psyche. Now more than ever it is time to go into your heart ♥️ and learn from what has happened to speak out to create ways to prevent and lessen the possibility of destruction in the future. Listen to your heart ♥️ as to what you want to create , or recreate, and what you need to do to create it. As difficult as it is this is a time to stay positive and listen to your heart ♥️ and soul as to what you need and what you need to do to make that happen. It’s both simple and complicated at the same time. Keep in mind that new growth 🌱 occurs after a fire 🔥 and that the fire creates an opportunity for new growth. New plants 🌱 can now grow where they were unable to before because the clutter and congestion on the forest 🌳 floor robbed them of space, sunshine ☀️ and nutrients. Now these new plants have the opportunity to grow and use the power of destruction to rise up again better than before. A daunting task I hear some say. I say yes it can be however please remember that you have plenty of angelic help and if it is meant to be it will happen with seeming ease. If it’s not you will be gently guided to something else that perhaps better lines up with your soul purpose. Trust, faith and patience are needed through the process. Recovery, healing and creation take time. Allow the time you need because you always have the time that you need.

Namaste 🙏.


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