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September 19,2022


September 19,2022

Spirit is watching. Like The Eagle 🦅, Spirit ✨sees even the smallest detail. The Eagle 🦅 is patient and watches from the higher perspective. The Eagle 🦅 doesn’t just dive at everything even though he/she can. The Eagle 🦅 knows when it is time to make its move because The Eagle 🦅 knows what it wants and needs and it trusts the guidance from within which is the Divine light ✨ that we all have. The Eagle 🦅 is majestic and part of that is the outward beauty however most of it comes from what is inside. The Eagle 🦅 commands respect not because he is powerful and attacks everything and anything but because he/she knows and discerns what is worth fighting for and when you need to just sit on your perch and observe. Take time today and in the days/weeks ahead to sit on your perch and just watch. If you feel guided to do so then take action however keep in mind that not everything is worth your effort. Only those things that align with your true values is important. During this time you may see lots of things however don’t let them distract you from what you are looking for. You may ask the question, “What am I looking for?”. That is a good question and I refer you to Spirit✨, your higher self✨ and your angels 👼 for that answer. There may not be a concrete answer like us humans want. You will feel when it is right. You will know it in your heart and soul. Trust your innate wisdom. If you do act be kind while standing in your power. The Eagle 🦅knows what it wants and needs and watches for the signs that tell him/her it’s time to take action. Let The Eagle 🦅 be your guide a pay close attention to signs. Watch the sky.


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