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September 2,2022


September 2,2022

The process of healing ❤️‍🩹 can be awkward, uncomfortable and downright painful at times. You may what you give up however the message today is one to ask you not to give up and give in. All that is being brought up is to challenge you and to help you understand yourself better so that you have the confidence in yourself to stand up and be you. Each challenge builds more confidence and brings new insights. Spirit ✨ wants you to be your true self and take pride in who you are. You are unique and you are special even though you may not believe that at times. Your challenges can help others along the way as well however , this part of the journey is for you to get to know and understand yourself better. By doing this you take control of your own life and learn your strengths and weaknesses, what is important to you and what your limitations are. Limitations are not a negative thing, we all have them however knowing what they are is powerful. Knowing yourself is an important step on your journey. Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 are always there to guide you and encourage you. As you go through the tough parts ask Spirit to help you see and understand. When we are struggling or feel lost is often when we see things from a different angle and perspective. Connect with Spirit ✨ and feel the love and guidance that is given lovingly and freely. Your struggles are real. Take time to pause and acknowledge them however be determined to overcome them. It is true that we do not know the outcome so trusting that Spirit ✨ is leading you to a place where the scenery is more spectacular than you can imagine is required. This journey is not for the faint hearted. Acknowledge your power and courage for you have come so far. You are an example for others. Know that with Spirit ✨ anything is possible. You will get to where you need to go. Miracles do happen. Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic 🔮✨.


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