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September 20,2022


September 20,2022

So much is happening lately that it is difficult to keep up with the stories. It’s even hard to keep up with your own story. It is important to write or express your story somehow as this will be your history. One day others may look back and learn from your lessons. Also expressing your story helps you to understand things better and to create solutions. Why? When you are in a state of creativity you are in a more neutral meditative type state of mind. A place where you are connected to Spirit and where ideas, thoughts, strategies, truth and wisdom reside. Telling stories whether that is through writing ✍️, painting 🎨, music 🎶 or whatever form you choose helps you as well as others. These things touch the depth of our soul in sometimes strange ways. We feel the truth not knowing why or how. That is what we need right now is to listen to the stories of others and feel the truth. Also listen to your own story and feel what is your truth. We have the innate wisdom. We also need to tell our own stories as you never know what affect your story may have or on how many people. If your story helps one person then it is worth it. All our stories create history and these stories are here to help us learn from each other and from the past. Trust your instincts on what is truth and what is embellishment. The Bard, after all, likes to add his own twists and may add some colour. Listen from your heart and read between the lines as to what The Bard is not saying. Sometimes what is not said is more important. Feel what is truth. Listen with an open heart and mind and use your inner wisdom to know and understand. Send love to The Bard as he is doing the best he can. Remember to enjoy the show. Having fun is important. Laugh at the antics. The Bard is sent to entertain you as well. Smile 😊 and find joy in each day.


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