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September 21,2022


September 21,2022

The Fire Faery 🔥🧚‍♀️ is back. This is the third time in eight days. 😳Today she wants to mention that right now, with so many people feeling confused, the most important thing to remember is to do what you love. What are you passionate about? What sets you on fire ❤️‍🔥so to speak. This is about heart ♥️ energy and doing what you enjoy and being who you are. Exposing things that previously could not be seen as they were covered up and out of sight. This is about the cycle of life 🌀. Nature is always cyclical. Yes the flip side of The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️ is that she can destroy some things in the transition. This causes a sense of loss and the myriad of emotions that come with grief however often when things are destroyed it exposes that which you could not (or would not) see before. It leaves room for you to create something different if you so choose. When fire 🔥 destroys something the charred ruins are dark and lack colour however waiting in the wings is new growth and new ideas. Ideas that you can bring colour to, or back into. It’s like a clean slate. A new canvas where you can paint 🎨 the picture and use what colours you desire. What colours would you choose? What ideas are in your mind? What areas of your life require new growth? This is the time to be real and true with yourself and to do what is in your heart ♥️. Take this opportunity to expose your true self. For some it may mean little fires 🔥 and for others it may be a blaze or a wild fire 🔥. Spirit ✨ knows how you best handle things and will help you. Spirit ✨will also help you build something new. Loss allows us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and Spirit ✨and, do things differently. See these changes as an opportunity. “Change your thoughts-change your life”. (Wayne Dyer) You have all that you need both internally and externally. Be creative. Let your heart ♥️ be your guide. Let your Divine spark light the fire 🔥 ❤️‍🔥within.


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