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September 23,2022


September 23,2022

The Burden that you are carrying can be Disruptive. Sometimes in order to release that Burden Disruption is needed. Have you ever had an injury that left you in discomfort iand then experienced a subsequent injury that seemed to fix the issue? I know I have and that is the energy that seems to be around us today. It is a feeling that a sudden jolt will help you to drop what you have been holding on so tightly to. You have been holding on so tight for so long that you no longer feel the Burden you are carrying. This Disruption will be needed so that you can once again bring your focus to that area and acknowledge it to let it go. You will feel lighter without it although initially it may seem strange and you may feel lost in the woods so to speak, as it has been with you for so long. Often we no longer see or feel things that we have been carrying around for a long time. Disruption helps us to see them again. Spirit knows that this process can cause upheaval and chaos. Know that you are never alone. Spirit and your angels 👼 are always with you to guide you. Ask for help. When you begin to feel the panic arise as you are in unknown territory please remember to take those deep breaths, go into nature or do whatever you need to bring you back into that calm and neutral mind where you can think clearly. Fighting the waves will only make you more tired. As difficult as it may be it will be easier in the long run to go with the flow. Of course the choice is always yours. Keep in mind that in the storm Spirit✨ is with you and will get you safely where you need to go. Sometimes you just have to let go of the boat and trust. Be present. Stay in the moment. Listen to your intuition. Change your focus. Look around you. You will get through this. You have all the tools that you need. Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic ✨🔮.


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