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September 28,2022


September 28,2022

What are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to do today? Well that’s simple and easy however it does take some time to get into the habit. Simply find Joy 🤩 in your life each day and remember the light ✨within. Joy 🤩 changes not only your vibration but the vibration of others around you and in the collective as well. Joy 🤩 is energy and it ripples out. After it leaves you it affects others even though they may not realize it. You can feel energy if you attune yourself and learn to become aware. By sending out Joy 🤩 you are also sending love 💜 and these vibrations are what is needed to help yourself, others and the planet heal 💚. So by being in the energy of Joy 🤩 and then either sending it out to others, the world, or just letting it ripple out to where it is needed, you are helping yourself and others as well. How Joyous 🤩✨🙏 💚 is that?!! Know that you will find your way. Find Joy 🤩 in the adventure and mystery. Find Joy 🤩 in every day whether you do something that brings you Joy 🤩 or if you simply enjoy 🤩 that wonderful cup of coffee or tea. Find Joy 🤩 in everything especially in the simple everyday things. Joy 🤩 is simple and it is transforming. Try it for thirty days. Write down your experiences and then after thirty days go back and read your notes and see how Joy 🤩 has made changes. What brought you Joy 🤩 today? Did you bring Joy 🤩 to anyone else? Plan your day ahead. Ask yourself in the morning, “What can I do today that will bring me Joy 🤩?”What have you got to lose? Joy 🤩 is in the present moment. Focus on now and when you get to the next moment you can find Joy 🤩 in that😉. Joy 🤩 is the light and the light ✨ is within us all. Be the light. Be Joy 🤩. Send Joy 🤩. Feel the difference 💛💚.

💜🙏 🍎 🗡 🔮 🌀 🦄

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