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September 29,2022


September 29,2022

Well September marches on and even though we have changed zodiac signs the themes of letting go, healing, new learning and Partnership with Spirit continue. We are being asked to trust because we don’t have a clear vision of the path ahead however, Spirit does. Spirit is asking that we do some house cleaning to lighten our load because we don’t need all that baggage. In fact that baggage just clutters our soul on all levels. Now some of you may only need to do some light dusting and others still require some deep cleaning. Trust that Spirit will guide you to where the cleaning needs to be done. Keep in mind, because there will be some emotional times, that what needs cleaning will bring knowledge and understanding. It will prepare you for what is ahead and leave you free space for new opportunities. Some spots may require scrubbing as they have been there a long, long, long time. Remember they are coming up for healing so that you no longer have to carry them around. Pack your suitcase 🧳 full of this unnecessary stuff and send it on a holiday. Maybe it ends up in the lost luggage bin never to be seen again. It will be very important to stay grounded over the next few weeks/months while all this is happening because at times it may feel like the world is falling apart. It is but it isn’t. Remaining calm and remembering that Spirit ✨ is always by your side will be important. Just when it feels your whole world is going to collapse there will be a bright spot and you will see something that restores your faith and brings you hope. Don’t give up. This is the time to stay strong and know you can do this. House cleaning takes time so please be patient. Know that once you are done you will feel so much better and you will be able to see the beauty around you ✨and within you✨.

Namaste 🙏


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