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September 30,2022


September 30,2022

As September draws to a close it is a good reminder to be grateful for all that we have. We may not have all that we want however we always have enough. Be in the moment and be happy where you are right here and now. Take time to appreciate all that is around you at this moment, including people. You may feel alone at times however the herd is never far away. If you are not sure about something then simply ask your angels 👼, guides, and/or Spirit✨ for clarification or signs. The grass may look greener on the other side however sometimes that particular kind of grass doesn’t necessarily nourish you. Taking time to nourish yourself, on all levels, is important during these transitional times. It is important to remain in balance where you can see and think clearly. Maybe that patch of grass is not as nourishing for you however you need a change in your diet or perhaps there is more of something else that you need which is hidden from your sight right now. Listen to your intuition ✨. The important thing right now is to stay in the moment and remember that you have all that you need. Be happy where you are now. Surround yourself with things that nourish you. Take time alone when needed. Pay attention however avoid the drama. Find the peace 🕊 within. Allow yourself the abundance to be you.


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