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September 4,2022


September 4,2022

This week there is magic 🔮in the air. Keep in mind that with the magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ anything is possible. Pay attention this week. Many things may happen that seem coincidental however, also remember that there are no coincidences. The Raven wants to remind you to remember who you are. Remember your Divine essence, your light ✨. Remember the magic 🔮 of this light ✨is to dispel darkness which in turn dispels fear. This week know that your light is your guide and protection. Listen to that little light ✨ inside that is your intuition, your gut instincts, your angels, your heart, your higher self, your ancient wisdom, as these all come from the light✨. You have the knowledge and wisdom within. This may seem magical 🔮 at times however it is not really as it comes forth from past lives. You are an old soul and a wise soul. Tap in to the wisdom of the ages and to the wisdom of Spirit✨. The full moon 🌕 in Pisces ♓️ occurs at the end of the week which may enlighten you. Your intuition may be on hyper drive. Mercury goes retrograde the day before so we are already beginning to feel the effects of that as well. This next week/month expect glitches in communication methods, travel delays and/or new information coming to light . It will be important to think before you speak. When in doubt, stop, look, listen and breathe 🧘‍♀️. Yiu will need all your senses, especially the sixth one 😉. Things may happen that seem strange and beyond your control. Go with the flow. Stay out of the drama. Virgo ♍️ reminds you to take care of yourself and be practical. Listen to your inner voice. Let Spirit ✨ be your guide. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Emotions may run high. Breathe 🧘‍♀️ and take time before expressing yourself. Take mindful action versus reaction. Your mind may be filled with many thoughts. Write them down if needed as not all will need to be dealt with right now. Feel what you need to do right now. Ask Spirit what is most important. Take time daily to slow down and breathe 🧘‍♀️ to connect with yourself, your angels 👼 and Spirit ✨. Let the magic 🔮 ✨💜begin.


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