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September 6,2022


September 6,2022

Oh dear. Once again we are being put on notice that changes are coming. Now that may sound ominous however changes often bring unexpected positive happenings and that is the feeling today. How many times have you heard of something seemingly devastating happening to someone only to hear a little while later that it was the best thing that happened to them as it opened the door for something else, something even better than they could ever imagine. Keep in mind that there is magic 🔮 in the air this week and Spirit ✨+ magic 🔮= miracles. Venus has entered Virgo ♍️ so it feels like positive changes. Venus rules love and money so changes in these areas are possible. When faced with changes please remember to love yourself and be compassionate with yourself. Adjustments take time. Find a peaceful place either actually or, in your mind, where you can go to breathe and just be you and allow the emotions to flow. Deal with one day at a time and, in this case, it feels like one moment at a time as there is a sense that emotions may be washing in and out like the tides. This vision of the waves coming in and out may be helpful for you to visualize. You cannot stop the motion of the ocean 🌊 and so you just watch with amazement and curiosity. Watch how the sand, or a piece of seaweed change position with each wave and how it settles in to place after and eventually becoming once again part of the whole and no longer isolated and alone on the beach 🏝 . The changes can help you connect with the whole✨. We are all connected✨. What affects one affects us all. Together we can make changes. The key is to remember that you are love 💜and light ✨because you come from Spirit ✨ and Spirit ✨ loves 💖 you.

“I am the light .

I am the love 💜.

I am the truth 🗡.

I AM 🙏


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