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September 8,2022


September 8,2022

Once again we are being put on alert to changes coming. The energy seems to have intensified so if you are feeling “out of sorts” you may be picking up in this. These changes are positive although it may not seem like it at the time. Once the initial shock wears off you will see. Please give yourself some time to let whatever comes flow through. Also keep in mind that Mercury is about to go retrograde so it is possible to get mixed up communications if many kinds. Overthinking may be an issue for some as well as Mercury is a very in your head kind of energy. As we embark on changes it is important to remember that Divine timing is at play and not our linear time. Patience will be needed the next few weeks/months. Listening to your intuition will be helpful. Pay attention to signs along the way that will guide you. There may be a lot happening and it will only add to your confusion and anxiety if you try to pay attention to everything and everyone. Focus on one or two areas that are most important to you. Let the rest go for a while, or perhaps forever. Things often have a way of working themselves out. Keep in mind that you only have control over you. Let go of what you cannot control. Please be patient with yourself and others. Being kind does not mean giving away your power. It is going to take some energy to get through the changes that are coming and the waters may get choppy however know that Spirit is with you and you are safe. It may feel at times like you are in a boat. Sometimes you will need to paddle and other times you may just need to trust and go along for the ride. It will be important to stay grounded at this time and be in the moment as there may be rapid and sudden changes. Staying calm, connecting with Spirit and finding the peace 🕊 within will help you through this next phase. Have faith . Pray 🙏. There are positive changes ahead. As the saying goes, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Sending you love💜, light ✨and blessings🙏.


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