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September 9,2022


September 9,2022

Mercury goes retrograde today. The Queen 👑 passed away yesterday and today four cards jump out of the deck. 😳. There is definitely magic 🔮 in the air and the energies are changing. Now is the time to rise to the challenge 🗡and take back your power. Now is the time to stand tall and accept the challenge to be who you truly are and stand in the light ✨ and Love💜. This is the change, a new beginning, a new chapter and you will hit some bumps, or perhaps some deep cracks, along the way however it is time to stand tall and face your Fears and move forward. The Lady of the Lake throws out the challenge🗡. Accept nothing but the truth, speak the truth and be your true self. You have the strength and courage to do so because you have Love 💜 on your side. Yes there may be times of Fear however you have the power of the Love 💜 and light ✨ on your side. Love 💜is the light ✨and light dispels the darkness (Fear). You may need to remind yourself a lot and that’s okay. You are never alone. Your light✨, your Divine light ✨ is with you always. Stand tall and take back your power ✨. Endings bring changes and new beginnings and new challenges. Spirit is on your side and the changes will be positive and full of abundance. Trust and have faith. Stay calm, stay grounded and remember your Love 💜, your light ✨ and your truth 🗡is your power and it is always there. Take a step and be willing to see the light ✨. Open your heart ♥️ to the Love 💜 that is around you and within you. Believe in yourself ✨. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄.

“I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “


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